To Those Considering the Path of Dhurva Yoga®:

If not a perfect system of exercise, Yoga is the closest thing that we mortals have thus far devised.  But Yoga, of course, is much more.  Over the millennia Yoga has also proven an effective path to psychological well-being as well as spiritual enlightenment.  In creating Dhurva Yoga® I have built upon these historical foundations, establishing a dynamic new approach to this ancient practice.

Dhurva is, first and foremost, a Yoga of functional movement.  By employing the Yogistick as a teaching and learning tool Dhurva powerfully enhances the development of core strength and balance.  And Dhurva fosters not just skill with achieving poses in the classroom but enhances all aspects of posture, movement and physiological health in daily life.

With regard to the psychological, Dhurva emphasizes meditation as a technique leading to mental strength and balance.  Meditation is a technique for inducing serenity and tranquility but also provides a mental space permitting clear and sober reflection.  It is an essential complement to the Yoga exercises, fostering mental well-being as a complement to the physical health cultivated by the poses.

As with traditional forms of Yoga, Dhurva is also a school of philosophy and spiritual development — yet one fully adapted to modern living and its discontents.  Thus, for example, Dhurva acknowledges excellence but in a way that is aspirational, not competitive. It is uninhibited in its appreciation of the human form while avoiding a destructive obsession with outward appearance.  Dhurva is more than just an exercise class.  Much more.

I am humbled and forever grateful for the opportunity to teach the timeless gift of Yoga.  And I am hopeful that you will join me on this path towards physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

Dominic Mineo
The Dhurva Lama